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Grimm links!

Hopefully this will grow as people ferret out some cool Grimm-focused links on the web.

I'll start with the basics:
NBC's GRIMM website/homepage

GRIMM on Facebook
GRIMM on Twitter (The cast are hilarious on Twitter BTW - they often tweet live during episode airings - one for East Coast & one for West)
GRIMM on Instagram
GRIMM's YouTube channel with extra webisodes
GRIMM Forum - lots of discussions about plot details, character consistencies, details, details - not a whole lot of fairy tale discussion though (which is the main reason for this forum - to help the overlap of Grimm fan/fairy tale fan. :)
GRIMM confessions - where people get to anonymously post their secret annoyances about the show, secret wishes and more

Any articles you've found, blog posts that are worth sharing, analysis (!) of Grimm - please add them. You are guaranteed to make someone happy when you do.
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